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Chris Hayes New Primetime Host

March 25, 2013

Chris Hayes is slated to host the MSNBC 8 p.m. weekday primetime show. When Ed Shultz first announced that The Ed Show would be moving to a weekend time slot, one could only wonder who would take over his weekday primetime spot. There was some speculation that the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein would get the nod to host a show during this time, but it turns out that Ezra was not selected.

Shortly after hearing about the removal of The Ed Show from the primetime lineup, I heard that Joy Behar was leaving The View. Call me crazy, but I thought that Joy would have been an excellent choice for this gig. Joy has been a co-host on The View since 1997, which means that she has developed a very strong following. I may not be a TV executive, but I believe that with her name recognition, no nonsense attitude, and her ability to add humor to a conversation, she would be a perfect choice to host a show that would rival Bill O’Reilly at that time slot. 

Then it was time for me come back to reality. Joy Behar isn’t going to be leaving her job at The View until August of this year. She already has a TV show on Current TV called Joy Behar: Say Anything!  So with all of those factors, she obviously was not going to be the choice.

Instead, MSNBC chose to select Chris Hayes to be the anchor. Now I have no problem with this choice, because obviously Chris is an intelligent young host, but I can’t help but remember a not so flattering encounter that he had with former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani after the first 2012 Presidential debate.

If he can stay away from embarrassing interviews like this one, then I think he will do really well.  In his defense I would like to point out that President Obama had an awful debate night that very same night, but then he went on to win the election by a landslide. Hopefully Chris Hayes will follow in those footsteps and will have much success in his new role.

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