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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

March 28, 2013

The Latinos Post reports that President Obama recently told Univision that he expects a bill on immigration overhaul to be ready by April of this year. This could be great news for immigrants who are looking for a path to citizenship in America. Comprehensive immigration reform is long overdue in this country, and it is wonderful to hear that the President is optimistic that an actual bill will be introduced in the near future.

I’m sure that if an immigration reform bill is introduced, it will have strong opposition from some politicians and their constituents. It doesn’t take much to get these folks riled up when comes to this issue. They have forgotten that America is a country of immigrants, built on the hopes and dreams of those who wished to make a better life for themselves. In my opinion, anyone who has a strong objection to allowing “illegal” immigrants a path to citizenship is either unaware of or purposefully ignoring this country's history. 

If we had the same strict immigration laws back in the day that we have now, the population of this land would be significantly different than it is today. Native Americans would rule the land and if you or I even existed, we would likely be somewhere in the land of our respective ancestors.

I often wonder why in our effort to keep all “illegal” immigrants from entering into the country, we decided to build a fence on the Mexican-American border only. This seems a bit hypocritical, since we border two countries - Canada and Mexico. I’m not sure how effective a single fence is in our effort to keep out all immigrants, but let me just tell you how impressed I would be if it works.

In my opinion, immigration is what made this country great, and immigration is what will continue to propel this country to new heights. We can learn from the diversity and cultures of others if only we try. If a comprehensive immigration reform bill is introduced and is passed into law, it will be a huge step in the right direction. On the other hand, if we continue to let the naysayers have their way, then we will be doing our country and ourselves a great injustice.

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